Citroen Xantia TD

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My turn to describe my setup.
The "victim" is a xantia 1.9L tubo diesel.
It displays 215 000 the meter around (hey it changes every day

The plan is a water doping. very strong inspiration of 300TD mercedes Andre, but with agility when the slightest mechanical (and probably less patience as Embarassed).
The cold water mist should be created by a mini carbu home. Tres insipé by PITMIX documented that great work. Supporter of simplicity, I do not plan system of sprayer or another.

The water settings if possible will be approached with small plastic valves Trade is designed for aquarium or for watering drop by drop. I have several models to test.
For now, I have not planned for water reheating, to see. Rolling Eyes
Once I would have understood the behavior of the assembly, I hope automate with a small electronic assembly controllant a fuel injection nozzle (but used for water) or a single solenoid (I found, reel 12V to 40EUR)

follow a few images. As you see, the whole construction is made a basic recup 'secondhand parts, only a plumber fittings are bought new.
All parts of the car that are modified from breakage, and are then mounted. I used the car every day, I can not immobilize the time to do the mods. I also have to put in a state with the original parts in case of crappy shot ...

engine mounting Pantone water injection Citroën Xantia TD 1.9

All Pantone fixtures


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