Thesis on the wet combustion and performance by Rémi Guillet

The wet combustion and its performances 232 pages in .pdf Thesis presented with the aim of obtaining the title of Doctor of the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1 in Mechanical Science and Energetics. By Rémi GUILLET. Keywords: wet combustion / combustion / humidity / hygrometry / environment / efficiency / energy / thermal process / nitrogen oxides [...]

Combustion and water pollution and Performance

Á about combustion and water ...
By Rémi Guillet (the 03 / 03 / 2012)

Le fuels and other fuels that do not finish a "blaze", leading to the resumption of recurring debates (see Wikipedia) like the one linked to a belief in a certain effect more or less of a mysterious "water doping "(or other effect resulting from the establishment of the engine or another burner of a device more or less" [...]

Thesis of the Mines of Paris: combustion of fuel oil and water

Contribution to the combustion of water emulsions in heavy fuel oil. Thesis of the Mines of Paris presented in March 2008 by D. Tarlet to obtain the degree of Doctor of the School of Mines of Paris Specialty "Energy". .pdf from 230 pages. Summary Heavy fuel oils, animal oils or animal fats constitute [...]

moist air burning: explanations and performances

Steam pump and wet combustion: explanations and performances By Rémi Guillet. The steam pump Having initiated in the early years 1970 research and development work on condensing heat generators (combustion products), in order to limit the atmospheric condensation of the fumes of the new fuel that was, [...]

An oil-free oil-fired boiler inspired by internal doping

When burning fuel oil (gas oil) one of the products of combustion is water vapor. This vapor is often forgotten when we speak of the rejects of the combustion of hydrocarbons, but steam has a major influence on the climate (see the combustion equations and CO2), but this is not [ ...]

Ionization of water vapor and gillier-pantone engine, right of reply to Science et Vie

Publication of the right of reply not published in Science et Vie following the article "Engineantone "from November 2007 Julien Rochereau.

This article concerns an unpublished right of reply following the article Pantone of Science and Life of November 2007. Indeed, Christophe Martz and Julien Rochereau have largely contributed to the development of the article of S & V but the result was rather disappointing (see our [...]

Pantone engine theory of cavitation, relaxation, supersonic shock wave in the reactor

Hypothesis of operating explanations of the Gillier-Pantone reactor by cavitation and expansion of the diphasic mixture (non-superheated steam) followed by a supersonic compression shock wave ionizing the gas mixture. This theory, remaining as a hypothesis, would be complementary to the theory of the ionization of water vapor. Document deleted at the request of the author, [...]