China sharply reduces the import of foreign industrial waste. An earthquake or a chance for the European recycling industry?

Since 1er January 2018, China has decided to block the import of many categories of waste. China is also the world's first recycling plant after being the first manufacturing plant in the world! This decision poses many problems both in our countries and there. Analysis of the facts! A ban […]

ufc energy labels

Energy Label: improve information on energy performance and product durability

Energy label: The UFC has just published a study on the performance and durability of products that constitute a rising concern of consumers. While the revision of the Energy Label Directive is still in progress at the European level, the UFC - Que Choisir publishes the results without a qualitative survey (1) which highlights the [...]

Pollution new technologies: computers, internet, hi-tech ...

Comprehensive and synthetic article on the environmental impact of new technologies (Communication in particular). Part 1.

This article is based on World Records, Jun 2007.

The high-tech pollution, Le Monde, Dossier, 14 / 06 / 07

The development of digital society generates energetics consumption and a steady increase in products, materials and waste ... [...]