Washington recognizes that greenhouse gases are responsible for climate warming.

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The report to Congress by James Mahoney, Assistant Secretary of State for Climate Research, admits that greenhouse gases are the main cause of global warming. But this fact was present juqu'à denied by the Bush administration.

Indeed, GW Bush has always refused to ratify the Kyoto protocol (signed by the Clinton administration). In March 2001 he said: "I do not think that the state should demand that the plants reduce their carbon dioxide emissions because this gas is not a" pollutant "according to the law on clean air. "And" I am opposed to the Kyoto Protocol ... because it would seriously damage the US economy. " He then dismissed the problem by citing the bureaucratic origin of documents that demonstrated the human origin of global warming. He met the demands of the energy lobbies that had largely funded his campaign.

But this attitude contrary to common sense had gradually raised the voices of some of his collaborators and industrialists that his "climate vision" plan had not managed to silence. Finally, with the Mahoney report signed by the Secretaries of State for Energy and Commerce, it is officially contradicted by its own administration. It will be difficult for him to ignore it.

To know more: read the file on Radio-canada.ca


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