The cold wave, a result of global warming?

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Here is a new I wrote in October 2003 I allows me to resume.

16 October 2003

"Climate: the dog days of summer, winter he will be sweeter? Maybe not ! "

This is what is legitimately think pourait after record heat this summer and this observed mainly in France (a surmortalitée over 15 000 deaths was recorded in the country).

Should such human tragedies for people and governments aware of global danger we face and to which we rush to 100 now?

Apparently yes.

Ahhh the planet is warming, it is obvious we saw this summer ... .But we would like to recall that we have a short memory. Was not this winter that A10 highway was blocked for tens of kilometers over two days "trapping" really thousands of motorists resigned to sleep in their car. The last 2 summers (2002 and 2001) were described as "been rotten"

The message we want to convey by that is observing the average temperature the world (and even in some areas) is not significant climate changes that our planet is only the beginning. Thus certain geographic areas (or yearly periods) will cool as the greenhouse effect is much more they warm up, this analysis we had done on our record oil use available here.

To return to this winter and the main reason for this new, here is our analysis.

There is a good chance that the winter is very cold.


Simply because the heat wave has led to a clear decline in the supply of large rivers and groundwater.

Water is the best natural thermal regulator available land. Thus, our grandmothers know it all: to prevent their release does froze in winter, they only needed to place a tray of liquid water in the middle of the room. Thus, as the water was not fully frozen, the temperature could drop below 0 ° C because of the change of state of water bearing. The basin was Radiator office.

Freezing of the water thus bringing calories to spare since it was pumping cold.

Well: it is exactly the same phenomenon happens in nature at a much larger scale recess. Lack of rain may be the cause of a Siberian winter.


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