A new constellation of satellites to monitor Canadian Environment

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In 2005 the federal budget, the Government of Canada affects three billion dollars for research, regional development and sectoral support. Of this amount, the Canadian Space Agency will receive 111 million to enable the development and construction of a constellation of three satellites to Earth observation.

The constellation of three satellites provide radar in Canada and other countries for more complete spatial data than currently available, and faster. It will, among others, can more effectively monitor the state of the ice for navigation on the St. Lawrence, the Great Lakes and Canadian coasts. The satellites will also improve disaster management: detection of oil spills, flood monitoring, support to the fight against fire drills and data collection on disaster areas around the world. The coastal monitoring satellite will also be an important tool for the sovereignty and security of Canada.

This constellation will fly regularly across Canada, day and night, whatever the weather conditions, a way to ensure that users of private and public sectors can BENEFIT radar data during the two decades to come.

- Stephanie Leblanc, Office of the Honourable David L. Emerson - Minister
Industry - tel: + 1 613 995 9001
- Julie Simard, Media Relations - Canadian Space Agency - tel
: + 1 450 926 4370
Sources: http://www.espace.gc.ca/asc/fr/media/communiques/2005/0225.asp
Editor: Elodie Pinot, OTTAWA, sciefran@ambafrance-ca.org


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