Hybrid locomotive made its debut in California

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This is a first for a major US railroad company. Union Pacific has announced the commissioning of a hybrid switching locomotive that will run on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, California.

The machine includes an electric battery and a 290 diesel engine that feeds it when it is unloaded. According to preliminary data, such a system could reduce fuel consumption from 40% to 70% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions.
of 80% to 90%. railway companies, which primarily use diesel, are increasingly subjected to the pressure of environmental services for the conversion of their rail fleet to cleaner technologies (such as their Canadian neighbors).

Representatives of the West Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) estimate that NOx emissions from all freight-related rail operations in the region are equivalent annually to 350 stationary sources of pollution (including refineries and power plants). electric). Depending on the performance of the Union Pacific vehicle, the company should in the coming months decide whether it wants to replace its older locomotives with the new model. Three more hybrid locomotives are currently field tested
in the USA.

LAT 16 / 03 / 05 (New hybrid locomotive's broadcasts are clean as a whistle)

Note econology: has spent several decades as diesel-electric locomotives exist in Europe: a diesel engine drives a generator that powers an electric motor. This locomotive is it really innovative? Especially when we know the Kitson-Still: steam locomotive diesel-years 1920


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