A bird species on 10 100 could disappear within years

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In 2100 horizon near 10% of bird species will probably have disappeared, victims of hunting, climate change or habitat destruction, according to a study
conduct within Stanford University (California). Initially, Cagan Sekercioglu and colleagues compiled data on 9916 known bird species and developed three scenarios, the more optimistic the worst. Biologists were able to determine that, within a century, between 6 and 14% of all birds will be extinct while in 7 25% will meet either endangered or only survivors
captive state. Subsequently, the US team has focused on analyzing the impact of such a decline in biodiversity of bird life both on the environment, human health and the economy. For this, it summarized the research on the various roles
Ecological played by birds (pollination, working scavenger, pest control, etc.). For researchers, the consequences of future extinctions are all the more serious
they concern primarily specialized species - so difficult to replace - weakened by their dependence on a particular ecosystem. USAT 14 / 12 / 04 (in 1 10 bird species Could Vanish Within 100 years)



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