The types of wood stoves

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What are the different types and models of wood burning appliances of the type "stoves" and with what types of wood are they compatible?

The reader will read carefully the introduction of this folder "wood heating": why choose firewoodFor any questions on wood heating, see our forum heating and insulation.

The type of wood-burning appliance depends mainly on the type of firewood used himself dependent on the utility and depending on your type of wood heating: main or auxiliary hydraulic or hot air?

The 2 large families heater Wood

A: "individual" heaters; ie heating at a single "hot" point. Obviously the heat can spread in the rest of the house more or less effectively.

A1: logs stoves, briquettes or charcoal

A2: pellet stoves

A3: hydraulic pans with hot water (heating or hot water)

A4: other types of wood-burning appliances

B: devices that plug into a central heating (usually hydraulic but may be forced warm air); ie a type of boiler unit to wood, usually in Pellets.

Between 2 ago hydraulic heaters which firstly heat the room and both have the ability to connect to the central heating. We classified these devices in 1ere family.

Other wood burning appliances

There are finally, many other appliances, wood heating not included in the above categories:

- Wood stoves,
- Complete with wood stoves (often hybridized with several energy: wood + gas and / or electric)
- The pellet and firewood stoves,
- wood burning stoves with "bread oven or pizza" function (often included in mass stove, otherwise ask for it!),
- stoves with a small "cooking plate" (see option "barbecue" ...) ... to see how residual odors are managed?

Feel free to take a ride on our forum and ask your question if necessary (choice, doubts ...): woodburning forum you can even suggest additions or corrections to this folder on the topic dedicated to this folder firewood.

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