The types of firewood

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What are the different types of firewood and what their approximate price relative to the energy they can provide?

The reader will read carefully the introduction of this file "heating with wood": why choose firewoodFor any questions on wood heating, see our forum heating and insulation.


Currently there are 4 types of firewood:

- Traditional logs for wood heating

- The wood chips to wood heating = More or less large wood chips. Their name comes from the fact that they are generally made directly in the forest when cutting through crushers on site.

- The pellets or wood pellets made from sawdust (sawmill). Their size is 6 or 8 mm diameter and length of a few cm or less (see standards). Contrary to what one might think their cohesion is achieved only by fritage (compression) no glue type binder. Learn more about the properties and standards for wood pellets.

- The sticks or wood briquettes: The technique is the same as for pellets except that their size is much larger and each briquette may contain the energy equivalent a log.

compressed wood briquettes
Bigbag of compressed wood briquettes

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2 Heating with wood every day: maintenance and improvements:

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3) The pollution of wood heating:

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4) Experience feedback of wood heating:

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