Asian Tsunami!

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As you all know, there are some days in Southeast Asia, a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami of uncommon scope affecting many coastal countries of the Bay of Bengal and the Indian Ocean.

Three days after the disaster, the facts are alarming: more than 25 000 victims "official" and disappeared over 30 000. A few hundred tourists, including Europeans, are effective in victims. And the fatal count is not over! It is feared the final toll of more than 100 000 victims!

How much would be reduced if the number of monitoring means, foresight and effective communication were in place? In a few years these devices will probably set up but it proves, once again, the relative human incompetence to preventive actions ... but such disasters also show solidarity which man is capable. Why do it is in times of crisis and emergency? The triumphant capitalism individual must be well something to do! It is up to each of us to reverse this trend!

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