Train: Advancing quieter rail freight

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The exhibition "InnovTrans 2004" Berlin shows before the first technical solution for quiet rail. This is a freight wagon frame turning, called LEILA-DG, presented as lighter, quieter and less wear than current solutions. A system of monitoring and diagnostic electronics allows more increased productivity. The car was developed by a Swiss and German consortium, with financial support from the German Ministry of Research and the Swiss Federal Agency for the BUWAL environment. The German Environment Agency also participated in the project.

The German federal government considers rail freight as a challenge of great significance for advancing towards a "sustainable mobility". The goal is to double the volume of goods transported on the rails between 1997 and 2015. One of the requirements to achieve this is the sharp reduction of noise pollution. Freight transport occurs primarily at night and now, freight cars are among the noisiest. The innovations built into the new LEILA-DG wagon used to reduce a factor 10 noise compared to cars has cast brakes and a 4 factor compared to soundproof already wagons with brakes of synthetic materials.

The car is presented for the first time to the public on the "InnoTrans" trade show held in Berlin at the 21 24 September 2004.

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