Toyota Hilux 2L4

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Water doping on a Toyota Hilux 2,4L of 145500Km.

Reactor facility and the bubbler on batti, the oil filter is accessible! Everything is removable.

Fittings bubbler / reactor or reactor / venturi not exceed 26cm!
310 the stainless steel core having a length of 150mm is held by centering and welded. The annular space is 1mm (reactor 18mm Inter. And core 16 mm)
The reactor and bubbler side by side touching the exhaust manifold directly output.
The first minutes of operation were made in a north south orientation of the reactor, it costs nothing to do so if it can bring something.
Consommation d’eau: 1,4l./100Km ou 2L./140km à l’eau de pluie, cette consommation d’eau légèrement excessive pourrait augmenter le rejet de suies noires que ma voiture a toujours « craché » au démarrage par exemple ou quant on accélère violemment, ce qui aurait pour conséquence de nettoyer le moteur mais aussi, paradoxalement, de limiter l’économie de carburant.
Taking advantage of a bubbler height, I will try to close slightly the air intake valve to safely draw water.

My tube reactor outlet is covered by a pink film, which is a sign of a hot gas passage (approx. 160 / 170 ° C) at high speed (80m / s?)

The magnetism of the reactor is now important, we begin to feel the changes of the needle from 70cm the edge of the reactor. This magnetism is however less significant when the engine is cold but still effective.

. Passing over the reactor with the compass needle varies to perform 1 lap and a half late in the reactor.
If one likes to walk around the compass from left to right from the reactor while maintaining the same orientation, the needle begins to spin like a propeller!

full 1er (with Pantone): tank filled almost to the top and emptied almost completely just before fuel.
regular route, normal speed.
For almost 8 years I could never exceed 545km in full to the limit of the fuel.
With my first full (pantone installed), I traveled 660km!

* Test on conso defined path

The choice of course is intended to force the engine to speak a little better than he had done on flat road.
Departure petrol station, filled to the neck!
Back to station extra flush the neck
Pump Accuracy: 0,01 near

* Before pantone: Test performed the 24 / 11 / 2005

T ° Avg. 3 ° C, rain, light north wind
Total travel time: 90km800
Consumption: 6,72 L. diesels
Consumption percent: 7,40 L.

* After installation

Test performed on February 11 2006
Course test under the same conditions of speed
same protocol the first test before installing
The start was made with the engine and hot Pantone system

T ° Avg. 8 ° c, good weather, moderate north wind
Total travel time: 90KM800
Consumption: 5,75 L. diesels
Consumption percent: 6,33 L.
Economics conducted to date: 1,07 L / 100km (14,46% savings)

I have not yet done 900km with this prototype and the results are already very encouraging. The magnetism of the reactor (break) has been gradually increasing and more and more in terms of km. It parrait some proto come to demagnetize a camera memory card will have to start to be suspicious if I continue to take close !! ..
My goal is to reach 30% fuel economy.
I have not yet reaches the famous 20h running-outdoor temperatures are cool, descaling engine is just beginning and I have many projects to further improve the system.
The number of molecules in a drop of water is equal to the number of drop that contains the Black Sea!

The following: water doping Toyota Hilux

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