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Videoconferencing CNAM on biofuels, chaired by Raphael Hitier journalist I-Tele.

Made at the Paris CNAM the April 27 2006.

With the participation of :

- Daniel Ballerini, former head of Biotechnology and Chemistry department, IFP
pdf: Introducing D. Ballerini (832 Ko)
- Georges Vermeersch, director of forecasting and innovation, Sofiproteol

Summary : To combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy dependence, biofuels are a future prospect. The dies are multiple: The ethanol from beet or sugar cane, vegetable oil methyl esters come from rapeseed or sunflower.
From 2010, our car fleet could run with 7% green fuel. A deadline that requires adapting agricultural production, controlling costs, enhancing the co-products of these sectors and eventually changing the engines. "

This conference is the following documents which you can download here:
- Biomass conversion
- Diester: French summary

Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Video: biofuels conference CNAM


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