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Redefining new means of urban transport: call for projects following the Grenelle Environment

The Grenelle Environment, particularly following the guidelines adopted by the group on global warming, highlighted the importance of developing urban transport networks own site not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote the modal shift from private cars to public transport, but also to fight against urban congestion and provide more quality transport conditions for travel.

To accelerate the development of urban and suburban transport consistently and in particular to allow the transport sector to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the state decided to provide financial support for transport-organizing authorities .

Moreover, the President of the Republic emphasized in his February 8 2008 speech that "the isolation of neighborhoods was an obstacle to the employment of its inhabitants" and announced, among other measures, "a re-engagement of the State to help communities build bus lanes, trams and secure them. "

The interministerial committee of cities 20 2008 June said, among other measures, those concerning the opening up of areas under the city policy, and approved the principle of a call for projects, endowed with 260 million € for 152 priority areas of the Plan Espoir Banlieue, outside of the Ile-de-France. Indication and beyond these 260 million €, about 450 million € of engagement means will be established for this tender.

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