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GSM antennas and standards of electromagnetic radiation: the state of the question by Etopia, entertainment center and research in political ecology. Belgium.

A comprehensive document on electromagnetic pollution and especially radiation of mobile phones.


More 8 million GSM subscriptions in Belgium and development that is completed: the growth of mobile telephony does not free from the vigilance of all who are concerned about its impact on health. explosion. The point of issue of standards in Belgium particularly in the light of the institutional challenges of measures that other countries take to comply with the precautionary principle.

The 7 2000 June, the Federal Minister of Health asked the consumer safety commission an opinion on the radiation from mobile phone masts. The 21 2000 June, the federal government has designated three experts to report on the state of scientific research and give an opinion on the standards that should be adopted in this regard.

The Maertens and Verschaeve teachers admit that worrisome biological effects can be caused by this radiation and refer, without setting any standards, the proposal of ICNIRP (41,2 volts / m for 900 58,25 MHz and v / m 1800 MHz) . The professor Danze is safer and offers values ​​implemented in Switzerland (4 and 6 V / m). BIPT has conducted measurements and found that the magnetic fields measured close to the antennas rarely exceeded the 2V / m.

The Committee on Consumer Safety believes that it must adopt the most restrictive limits possible and proposes 4V / m 900MHz and 6V / m 1800MHz. For the Health Council, there is talk of a limit to 3V / m.

Moreover, the Walloon Region 1999 advocated standard 3V / m.

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