Download: Structurix, freeware RoW, deformation and stress calculations

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Structurix: a free software RoW (Duty of Materials) Y. Callaud

Structurix is ​​a small software fairly friendly but very efficient (because very flexible) once we the masters! Ideal to calculate or verify the theoretical holding of a structure or building your dwelling (carport, garden sheds, floor, terrace, stairs ...).

Windows version in French. Zip 1.7 Mo. To download other versions follow the links below.

Description by the author:

Structurix is ​​a free calculation program based on the principle of finite elements. It solves problems shots with elements: bars, beams and triangular. And spatial problems with elements: bars, beams, bending of rectangular plates. Structurix allows the calculation of: displacements of each nodes, support reactions and stresses in each element.

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