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And comparative performance tests on various solar photovoltaic panels. Comparative directed by Photon Labs, a German laboratory between 2006 and 2007. Published September 2007.

This compares comparative 10 solar PV models (ranked in order of decreasing performance): Photowatt PW1650, Solarworld SW Poly 210, 150 Shell Solar SQ-C, BP ​​Solar BP 7185 S, Solar Fabrik SF 145A, Isofoton I-110 / 24, Kyocera KC-170GT 2, 190 Sunways MHH more, Sanyo HIP-J548E2 and Sharp NT-R5E3E.

For each model, 3 copies were tested between August and July 2006 2007 different criteria, the energy produced is obviously the main criteria.

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