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ROTEX Sanicube, a water balloon accumulator Hot sanitary and innovative health

Summary and principle.

Sanicube ROTEX allows a physical separation between drinking water and storage water (thermal buffer) via an "instantaneous heat" exchanger.

The ROTEX Sanicube is a combination of a hot water storage tank and instantaneous water heater.

Heat strictly speaking is not stored in the drinking water (as in a conventional water heater) but in the storage tank water which is physically separated by a heat exchanger.

The volume of water is relatively low: 19 80 to liters as the ball type. The total volume of accumulation is to him 300 500 liters. The amount of heat that can be accumulated and drawn off depends.

When first put into service, the tank of the balloon is filled once. This accumulation water is only used for the accumulation of heat, it is neither changed nor used. This is a volume called "dead water".

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