Download: Renault 4L Trophy features a doping GP water

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Presentation and shots of 4L equipped with a water doping. .pdf 11 pages.

This project is the work of an association of law 1901: Vagal'âme
-2 Students of the business school ICN: management and execution
-1 Student of the Ecole des Mines de Nancy: technical
-1 Student ENSG (geology): contribution of PANTONE technology
-1 Student ENSA (Fine Arts): car design
-1 Student ENSIC (Chemistry): pollution test

Vagal'âme PANTONE adapted a type of ecological system on a 4L.

The 4L traveled almost 7000 km, equipped with ecological system, from Paris to the south of Morocco, during a humanitarian raid: 4L Trophy 2005

Whether on dirt road, sand or road, the PANTONE was faithful and a foolproof resistance.

The 4L 78ème arrived on a race involving nearly 500 crews.

The main partner of the project is NOREMAT SA

NOREMAT Lorraine SA is a company specializing in maintenance of road verges. NOREMAT is strongly oriented towards innovation. It was natural for NOREMAT help an innovative project led by students.

Read more and discuss with the project promoter: Renault 4L Gillier pantone doped water or see project 4L Trophy 2008

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