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The new miniature power sources for mobile applications. Published by CEA

PDAs and mobile phones have extraordinarily évolés 10 recent years. They now offer applications similar to those of a desktop PC ... when times better!

These new Iphone or Blackberry type devices, to name only the best known 2, consuming more and more energy, hence the object of this work by the CEA.


The growth of mobile telephony and, more generally, mobile electronics,
is accompanied by an increased need for miniaturized sources of energy (batteries, batteries, etc ...).

Similarly, in the short and medium term, the emergence of new miniaturized and interactive products in the civil and military domains (autonomous sensors for the development of "intelligent clothing", autonomous medical systems, GPS, embedded sensors ...) should further accentuate this phenomenon, by opening up new markets.

Great development opportunities are therefore offered to production, storage or energy recovery systems. They will have to answer the technical challenges raised by next-generation nomadic objects requiring new functionalities: to free the user from load constraints and to offer a greater duration of use, to guarantee the inviolability of the information, to "harvest" the energy available in the local environment and thus constitute an isolated and autonomous energy source, allow implantation in the human body and, for long durations, biocompatible devices ...

To meet these challenges, the use of miniature energy sources, systems
recovery, storage and conversion of energy is required. Most of the time, their development is based on methods similar to those employed in microelectronics. But there are still a number of technological breakthroughs that must be overcome.

These involve the use of new materials and processes to improve performance. Finally, the optimization of comprehensive energy efficiency often requires hybridizing several different energy sources (recovery system associated with an energy storage system).

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