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renewable resources and electric energy solutions .pdf 58 pages. Bernard Multon, ENS Cachan.

Pdf Synthesis Energy which presents a comprehensive approach to energy resources and needs of humanity.

Fossil fuels are non-renewable and renewable solutions, order of magnitude of the radiation from the Sun and Earth ...

Each year, nature delivers to the surface of the ground of renewable energy resources equal to 8000 both human consumption

Final energy consumption: final energy consumption - net of distribution losses (eg losses in power lines) - in all sectors of the economy, except for quantities consumed by energy producers and transformers (eg own consumption a refinery). Final energy consumption excludes energy used as raw material (in particular petrochemicals).

Primary energy consumption: final consumption + consumption + losses
producers and processors of energy (energy sector). The primary energy consumption is used to measure the rate of national energy independence, while final energy consumption is used to track the penetration of various forms of energy users in economic sectors.

adjusted consumption: adjusted consumption temperature effects and possible effects of other factors (water availability, economic activity, days). In the balance sheets, the corrections on final consumption refer only to temperature effects. observed consumption before any correction is generally referred to actual consumption.

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