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Study on water consumption of french homesby Marielle Montginoul, UMR Cemagref Management of Public Services and National School of Engineers of Water and Environment in Strasbourg (ENGEES)

Directive Water Framework adopted by the European Union in December in particular the fixed 2000 22 2004 December as the deadline to complete an inventory. "This inventory includes for each river basin district analysis of its characteristics, a summary of the impacts suffered by surface water and groundwater and an economic analysis of water uses.

It also includes the register of protected areas "(Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment, 2002). To achieve this, it is important to know the water consumption levels by use at the scale of river basins to reach the final to make water demand in terms of prospective scenarios and water consumption.

In this context, the Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development is the question of whether the establishment of an observatory of domestic water consumption. Beforehand, it is necessary to summarize the data already available, which is the subject of this report (in the text, we limit ourselves to the presentation of studies conducted on the water consumption of household tap excluding in particular the consumption of local shops). For this, we conducted a literature search conducted from paper documents, information available on the Internet and contact with people sources.

This report, initially, the main studies on which we relied. It then presents the findings on the level of water consumption and summarizes the factors behind consumption.

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