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State of renewable energies in Europe, 2008 edition

In 2008, the EU confirmed its commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas by at least 20% by 2020, to limit energy consumption 20% through improved energy efficiency, and bring to 20% share of renewable energy sources in the EU's final consumption of energy.

These commitments will be translated into legislation, as the new Directive on renewable energy, which was accepted in 2008. In response to the new directive on renewable energy, one of the first and most important steps in 2009 for Member States will develop their "action plans for renewable energy." They set the stage for investors, communities, and local and regional industries, leading the way for the construction of new energy infrastructure and the creation of new jobs and new businesses in the energy sector, while offering great opportunity to deal with the economic crisis.

The latter publication EurObserv'ER, with the support of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE), provides a reliable reference for experts and officials of Member States responsible for the development of action plans for renewable energy. In recent years, it has shown that its data were well correlated with the official statistics published by Eurostat, while a year before they provided. It also offers interesting observations made by professionals in the energy sector, which influence the trends and any associated determinants.

The IEE program supports actions across the EU to remove barriers that inhibit the growth of renewable energy markets.

It has a key role in supporting multinational market players teams (experts, NGOs, governments, investors, industries and enterprises) to achieve the objectives 2020 so they materialize on the ground.

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