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Synthesis on farming techniques without plowing or TSL TCSL

Summary prepared by V. Goldberg, EPN Rambouillet

No-till farming techniques took off in 1930 years to fight against wind and water erosion in the Americas.

Note that the replacement of the plow by the chisel or heavy cultivator is an ancient practice in organic farming.

Variety TCSL or TSL

- Simplified cultivation techniques (TCS) = also called Techniques Seedling Complicated

- Soil conservation techniques TCS (defined APAD)

- Conservation tillage defined by any of tillage system that leaves at least 30 percent ground cover with residues after sowing

- No till (no-till)

- The sowing under plant cover (SCV), developed by CIRAD.

- The conservation tillage or unpacking is a tillage (in 15 30 cm) deep
landless reversal

- The shallow tillage is done between 5 and 10 cm

- Direct seeding is not worked seeding. Only the seed line is worked by seeding units sometimes with various equipment. Direct seeding can also use animated tools that work only the seed line (from J. Labreuche ARVALIS), we speak of minimum work.

Y. The Bissonnais INRA, direct seeding is a crop establishment in one pass without tillage or with a shallow work, or on the entire surface or only on the seed line.


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