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The US Green Building Council has established - with some success - a program called LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for labelliser building professionals using new materials and technologies to meet certain energy and environmental criteria. Since its launch earlier this year, this initiative was 19 000 certification of persons, including 9000 nothing that during the last month. Of course, the movement also concerns mostly large structures, such as airports, or traditionally energy intensive buildings such as laboratories. The Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii such uses seawater pipelines 6 ° C to cool the building, condensation on the pipes for irrigation. For its part, the airport Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) installed a tank 22 million liters which cools during the night, when energy is cheapest, the liquid from the air conditioning system.

Today, almost 4% of new commercial construction and are made according to the guidelines of LEED.

Source: LAT 24 / 10 / 04 (High-tech buildings
May save energy)


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