Biofuel: pellets standards and properties and pellets and agropellets

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Quality Solid biofuels. This document relates to the pellets: wood pellets and agricultural pellets: pellets of agricultural origin (cereals, cakes ...)

Conference support by Michaël Temmerman, CRA-W and Olivier Hecq, CRA-W (Walloon Agricultural Research Centre: http // ). Conference held during the meetings 4ième Biomass "What resources for biofuels of tomorrow" organized by Valbiom in November 2007.


- Update on European standards: EU Standard in CEN / TS 14961
- Expectations in the Walloon Region
- The influence of the origin of the raw material on pellet quality, combustion, exhaust emissions and ash and slag tap
- The special case of pellets:
a) The quality of pellets
b) agro pellets

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