Scholars cursed T3

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Scholars cursed, excluded Researchers: Volume 3

Peter Lance
Language: French Publisher: Publisher Guy Tredaniel (February 6 2006)
Collection: Survivors illegal and prohibited cures
Format: Paperback - 343 pages
ISBN: 2844456545
Dimensions (in cm): x 16 2 24 x

scientist cursed

Book cursed scholars:

Georges Lakhovsky - Russian engineer emigrated to France, he created in his first 1923 therapeutic use transmitter device. The official medicine refuses to use it.

Royal Raymond Rife - American engineer, he leads the US work similar to those of Lakhovsky built and equally effective devices. It will be brought to justice.

Jean Bertin - French engineer, inventor of the SkyTrain. Although supported by many ministers, but opposed by the SNCF, its efficient train will never authorized.

Alexander Salmanoff - Prestigious Russian doctor and personal physician of Lenin. Emigrated to France, he developed a natural medicine that the medical profession refuses.

Ivan Makhonine - Russian engineer emigrated to France, he invented a non-flammable fuel fired cold coals and heavy oils. It collides with oil companies.

Ernest Villequez - Professor of French medicine, he discovered the latent blood parasitism and invented an early screening test for cancer that nobody will accept.

Michel Moirot - French doctor who discovered and demonstrated the importance of psychological factors in the genesis of cancer. His theory is not accepted by the mandarins.

Ryke Geerd Hamer - German physician who made the same discovery that Moirot and devised an original treatment. Prosecuted and convicted, he is currently in prison.

Philippe Lagarde - French Doctor, he developed a technique for cancer screening and treatment. Prosecuted and imprisoned in Nice. Currently in exile in Italy.

Hans Nieper - renowned German doctor, he fought all his life medical conformism and found the original effective treatments. It was not followed by the medical profession.

Joel Sternheimer - French physicist, he has invented a method of regulating protein synthesis explaining the influence of music on living organisms.

Jean-Pierre Petit - French Physicist marginalized by scientific nomenclature for its originality disturbing years many areas in which future space travel.


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