Motor Show: the clean car is not moving

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The Paris Motor Show starts on September 25. Alternative and less polluting vehicles, are no match for the power of the builders and the indifference of the authorities.

The star of the motor show this year is the 4 4 x. The international event which hosted 2002 in a million and half people offers visitors an outdoor test track designed specifically for these energy-intensive and highly polluting vehicles. The message is clear. These big cars, traditionally used in rural areas, like more and more city dwellers. While the customer is also increasingly sensitive to the impact of traffic on the environment. Also, a stand (only one!) Is it reserved for so-called alternative and cleaner cars. A good thin effort related to the power of the automobile lobby. On the first fifteen multinational firms, twelve are multinational automotive or oil. In France, the automotive sector is the largest contributor to the balance of foreign trade (11,8 billion). It is also the first branch to the budgets of research and development, and the first customer for several industrial sectors, such as casting or plastics.

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