Russia: Moscow rallied to the Kyoto Protocol

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Russia, having long wavered, officially rallied today to the Kyoto Protocol

The Russian government has approved the bill on ratification and will send it to the State Duma, the Chamber of Deputies for final approval.

This green light from Moscow should eventually enable the entry into force of the international agreement 1997, on the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The Duma is dominated by a large majority by the pro-Kremlin United Russia party, the Russian ratification should indeed not pose major problems.

The Kyoto Protocol is to come into force, ratification by at least 55 55% of countries representing CO2 emissions of industrial countries.

The United States has decided to reject the 2001, 55% of the bar can not be reached with the ratification of Russia.

Despite insistent calls, including from the European Union, President Putin has blown hot and cold on his intentions in recent years, while within the Russian leadership battled supporters and opponents of the agreement.

The European Commission immediately hailed the Russian rally, saying it was "looking forward" to working with Moscow on the issue.

The UN climate officer said President Putin "showed his sense of the state and sent an encouraging signal to the international community."

Russian ratification should facilitate the entry of Russia into the World Trade Organization, a priority of Vladimir Putin.

source: France2

econology Note: If Mr. Bush is re-elected, we are not ready to see the USA ratify the protocol ...


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