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Here 2 advertising Panhard (french manufacturer of pre-war cars) touting the merits of the technique of Freewheel saving fuel and reduce engine wear.

1) Advertising 1933

freewheel Panhard
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Transcription :

«Panhard of the right solutions:

The new front suspension balance.

It absorbs the reactions and increases comfort, while leaving the management precision and softness, and the car its unique handling.

- Automatic disengaging,
- Freewheeling Panhard four silent speeds
- Auto-Compensator Brakes
- Road Stabilizer
- Aerodynamic package »

2) Advertising 1934

freewheel Panhard 1934
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Transcription :

"The freewheel eliminates the risk of motor brakes on slippery roads. Ch. Faroux.

Freed from the annoying and sometimes dangerous guardianship of the engine, more receiving only frank impulses, the car freewheel tenfold our feelings of well-being and brings us, in addition, the economy. Thus, on the route Paris-Marseille or 800 km, a total of 220 km, corresponding to Paris-Avallon, can be effecué coasting, engine idling, without significant reduction in average speed.

Security accreditation, fuel economy, taxes and mechanics.

Try 14 CV, Panorama 44, 950 Franks.


If these technologies and this advertising approach could now bring joy to the fact remains that Panhard was head of technology in these years the.

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