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Cogiterra RECYCONSULT and publish specialized websites in the following environment: + + + By September, will open new sites:,, ...

Contributions of environmental network sites

The environmental portal is your gateway to a set of complementary websites and linked together to enable you to reach quickly and effectively as possible the information you need on the environment (air, waste, sustainable development, water, ecology, energy, risk, health ...). The vast majority of services are free. The environmental portal and accompanies you throughout your career:

- From your initial or continuing training, with courses of supplements required for your studies, online self-paced ...

- To achieve your career goals by offering you all the technical, regulatory, economic, all the news, all contacts with industry professionals ...

- And well when looking for a first job, a career development or hiring to strengthen your team.

- broadcasts daily news in professional environment, calendar of events, conferences and industry seminars, interviews ... The topics new products, opinion polls, and discussion forum on current complement these services . Finally, receive free environmental newsletter to keep you informed every day!

- connects candidates and recruiters in the environmental sector. Applicants submit their CV and consult offers free while staying informed by email alert of new opportunities in the sector. The recruiters offer their ads and have a full and specific CVthèque for their recruitment.

- offers and comments on the French and European regulations on the environment. Through its comprehensive database, find all regulatory references auquelles you are subject. Registration for the email alert will allow you later to keep you informed of regulatory developments in your sector.

- Recy.Net brings to daily life all the technical, regulatory, economic ... on water, air, waste, risks, environmental management, health, ecology, energy ... you will need to identify your environmental problem, understand the issues for your organization and turn to the most appropriate solutions to your situation.

- lists environmental training accessible to all levels, from Bac PhD through continuing education. The database is available free of charge. Design and access your E-Training at the map on several environmental issues: EMS, waste, ecology, water ...

- Complimentary most comprehensive international directory of actors of the environment, is available in English, French or Spanish. Find also on all points of the globe caller: the firm specialized in soil remediation, the scrap collector, the used oil upgrader, laboratory control for your liquid effluents ...

- includes all francophones definitions to better understand the environment in all its cross and its verticality: air, waste, sustainable development, water, waste, ecology, energy, regulation, risks ... A basic French technical data / English and English / french enriched the proposed service.


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