Res Legal: legal data and renewable electricity in Europe

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Posted a legal database on electric renewable energy in the EU-25

Since August 13 2008, any interested person may have free access to an online database containing, for the member states of the European Union of 27, important legal information on national measures currently in force in the field of renewable energy electrical (support systems and network access).

Entitled "RES LEGAL" and made available by the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU), the site will soon be available in English, is available at URL:

The regulations are detailed for each of the renewable technologies (wind, PV, geothermal, biomass, hydro). The two categories "support" ( "Förderung") and "network access" ( "Netzzugang") are each divided into three sub-areas:
- Overview of the legal situation;
- Overview of support / network access;
- Detailed information on support instruments / on the regulation of access, use and development of the network.

- Michael Schroeren, Press Service - BMU-Pressereferat, Alexanderstraße 3, D10178 Berlin - tel: + 49 301 830 52010, Fax: + 49 301 830 52016 - email:
- Database :
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Source: BE Germany

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