Reduce methane emissions by 2015

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The United States have signed with other countries 13 a protocol for reducing methane emissions by 2015. To achieve this, industrialized countries must help poorer to develop effective technologies for collecting fumes of greenhouse gases, especially in coal mines and on oil and gas fields. The administration estimates that some 53 million over 5 years some of the costs associated with this initiative.

The aim is to capture, within ten years, no less than 9 million tons of methane per year, which may be sold as an energy source. Industrial and environmentalists welcomed the agreement including major emitting nations like China and India. But some openly regretted the refusal of the White House to ratify the Kyoto Protocol
attacks the main cause of the greenhouse effect, carbon dioxide (CO2). Indeed, the share of methane in this phenomenon is only 16% against over 60% for CO2. The other signatories are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, Russia and Ukraine. NYT 17 / 11 / 04 (US and 13 --other states AGREE we push to gather methane)


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