Global warming in the Arctic

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The United States concerned but not involved.

Representatives of 8 Arctic nations, including the United States, met in Reykjavik (Iceland) to decide a possible response to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, published two weeks earlier. In it the fruit of four years of research, scientists 300 have expressed fears about rising current temperatures in the polar region. But the report from the negotiations conducted by members of the Arctic Council
does not appear to meet the challenges. It confines itself to recognize the problem and to encourage the adoption of effective measures against-without specifying which.

In particular, no common strategy to limit the emission of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change in the Arctic could be stopped, and this mainly under US pressure. The Bush administration says particular focus volunteering
and research on renewable energy and carbon dioxide storage technologies to improve the situation. The president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, an independent organization that brings together scientists and citizens, has meanwhile called this position "irresponsible in the extreme." WP 25 / 11 / 04 (Arctic Council Urges Action on warming)


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