Nuclear power: a reactor, 1700 large wind turbines

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QUESTION: What is the electrical power of a nuclear reactor in France?

ANSWER :The electrical power of a nuclear reactor is 0,850 1,350 GW or GW.


a) A gigawatt represents a Billion Watts is 1 000 000 kW.

b) Your PC consumes about 0,3 kW. GW therefore provides power 3 Millions of computers. And a reactor 1,3 4 near GW Millions of computers.

c) The largest ever built wind is 5 MW, 5000 kW, enough to power 16 667 computers. It would 260 of these turbines for the power of one nuclear reactor. The most common wind turbines have a capacity of approximately 1000kW (wind of 60 matte height 70m) should build 1300 about to get the power of a reactor 1,3 GW ... Assuming she obviously running at full power all the time (which is far from the case as an average wind turns 1 / 5 time at rated power). But a nuclear reactor either not rotating at full power all the time.

d) The French plants to make 2 6 reactors.

e) 1 produces nuclear reactor over a year the equivalent of 1700 large wind turbines (In 20% of wind load factor)

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