Why Econologie.com?

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This site was created 2003 beginning in information purposes. It is still the main role of this site inform our visitors. But here, in more detail, some of the reasons for the existence of this site:

- Show that technological solutions exist or have existed but have not been developed for unknown reasons (intêrets protection ...?).
Example: Kitson-Still

- Show that the current solutions that could be developed, are not; Why ?
Example: the "famous" Pantone engine process

- Show that the solutions chosen at present, for example by car manufacturers, are not necessarily the most judicious and "economic". An example is the financial "efforts" in the fuel cell whose economic efficiency will depend on the hydrogen supply, at the expense of hybrid-diesel vehicles (for example) or energy recovery solutions of braking. Another example is the use, in vehicles, of "mechanical" air-conditioning instead of absorption air-conditioning.
Example: the comparative hybrid hydrogen MIT

- Show that ecology is no longer exclusively reserved for a minority of the population considered souvnt post sixty-huitarde or idealistic. Show that people less committed can also have an ecological sensitivity and some seek, difficult to work in this direction.
Example: The presentation of webmaster

- Show that ultimately, despite what they claim, industrialists, policy makers and media interest, at least a little, in such research.

- To be able to disseminate information without going through the traditional media. Unfortunately the credibility on websites "so-called independent" is far from systematic and automatic.

- Finally, to allow our visitors to react via the reactions or the forum and to disseminate their "economic" researches (contact us if you have carried out a work that you wish to publish).
Example: The study on the storage of compressed fluid

- Providing a space for debate, exchange and discussions via forums: click here to visit the


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