For a future without incinerators

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CAP21 launched a petition to limit the construction of incinerators.

Here are the various defended points:

» Reduction of packaging at source, Requiring the use of packaging products ensuring possibility of recycling, material recovery, set by recovery and the taxation of non-recyclable packaging.

Establishment of a employment generating eco-economyKeyed to these new deposits.

Extension of financial aid to all the masses of recyclables sorted in households or in the industrial centers of sorting.

Materials recovery fermentable products and sludgeBy composting or anaerobic digestion.

Aligning the billing method the collection service and treatment of household waste, the applicable payment mode for water services, gas and electricity.

introduction of planning rules taking into account the space constraints related to sorting, selective collection, and the establishment of unpacking and recovery platform in any commercial building project of more than 300 m² of sales area. "

All of these are already largely or partly applied in other countries of the European Union, including the North. It would be enough that France is inspired some of these other countries ...

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