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Do you have an idea to pass on, a project, an invention, an innovation that concerns econology? Feel free to submit your publication via one of the forms below! website:

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To ask a question on energy, environment, ecology, transport (etc etc ...) or to discuss your ideas, you can use Forums Site by registering on this page or using the comments of articles (via Facebook or not).

Otherwise you can propose the publication of a real editorial article with quality content.

For this, we distinguish 2 types of articles: informative publications (news, society, associations, politics ...) and professional infomercials

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You can also first write about Forums and a free publication on the site can be made later!

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We invite you to contact us via this 2th form below with your professional contact details to establish a partnership. The theme should focus primarily on econology (energy, environment, transport, innovation, housing ...) but we are open to any proposal ... and we particularly like to publish on technological innovations!

Information to know before contacting us, a professional publications may contain attachments:
- up to 10 illustrations (including high resolution images, more than 18 Megapixels, adapted by us),
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- datasheets or technical or commercial documents .pdf can also be attached,
- Anything else you could offer us?

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Each professional publication can also be the subject of an opening of a dedicated topic on our Forums, one of the first francophone forums on energy and ecology. This will allow your article to be analyzed and commented by specialists of all kinds and can help improve your product. Something that has already happened in particular on the adjustment of pellet boilers!