Energy Transition: Portugal powered during 4 days entirely with renewable electricity!

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While France continues to (almost) all rely on nuclear power ... countries struggling at the moment and regularly, production records in renewable electricity! This month it's the turn of Portugal to achieve a genuine renewable feat!

A few days after Germany produce so much renewable electricity as electricity producers have had to pay for clients it consumes (!!), a new European country has achieved a new "econological" record ... Portugal has managed to feeding during 4 days running entirely on renewable electricity!

Indeed; records and analyzes the Portuguese electricity grid showed that all Portugal's electricity consumption was produced by solar PV, wind or hydro This 6h45 between the 7 May 2016 and 17 45h11 the May 2016 4 or more full days (107 hours !)!

Renewable electricity so rapidly progressing in Europe and that is a good thing. Small problem: the crisis has also been there and on the one hand people are more careful and also the industrial activity is currently rather reduce. Last year Denmark had beaten his own record by generating 42% of its electricity with just the wind!

James Watson, CEO of SolarPower Europe, told The Guardian. "The energy transition (towards renewable energies) is in progress and growing strongly. Records like this one will continue to be beaten soon! "

Portugal has made many efforts to reduce its dependency on fossil fuels (for electricity generation) and move to more sustainable sources. This record was set in May, electricity companies hope to overtake during the summer coming. Recall that there are only 3 years, half of the electricity generation in Portugal came from oil plants and a third nuclear power! Like what: just a pretty strong will to quickly and strongly reduce the dependence of a country on fossil fuels ... at least for electricity production (for transport is a bit more complicated for now ...) ! In 2016, Portugal on average, produces almost 50% of its electricity from renewable way!

This record of energy autonomy is due to good weather conditions but also to better management of the electrical network (smartgird)

Hopefully this record will be surpassed in the coming months and years, and in other countries in Europe ... and the world to a planet more ... econological!

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