Pollution by electromagnetic waves

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Electromagnetic "pollution"

OPEN LETTER (Call of Pau, France, September 5 2004)

Warning Electromagnetic Radiation parasites transmitted to designated persons on the petition accompanying this open letter
so that no one ignores

By CRI LIFE: Research coordination and health information

Thirty years of biophysical research can be summarized as:
- Electromagnetic fields guide the activity of biological molecules.
- The stray electromagnetic fields disturb health.
- Electromagnetic fields biocompatible maintain health.

I - The dangers of electromagnetic pollution are scientifically proven

Our planet is overrun by stray electromagnetic radiation (REMP) produced by modern technology: power lines, television, digital satellite (over 3 500 orbiting the earth since 1982), computer monitors, mobile phones (more of 1,5 billion users), base stations, TGV, radars, video game systems and electronic toys for babies ...
The frequency spectrum of the electromagnetic radiation is very broad since it extends from the microwave to extremely low frequencies close to zero. This frequency spectrum therefore interferes with proper electromagnetic emissions in all living organisms, flora, fauna and humans (brain waves alpha activity, waves heart and muscle cells in particular).
For his information, the consumer has only the last report of the new French Agency for Health Safety Environment (Afsse) conducted by a team of experts who work near or far - as those of the WHO - for telephone operators and even participate in advertising campaigns for them. These official reports "reassuring" are actually a compilation of previously published results from studies and funded mainly by industrial and retain only the thermal risk. However, the thermal risk is not the most dangerous, far from it. The danger lies in the microwave and ultra-low harmonics whose frequencies disrupt biological frequencies living cells at extremely low intensities.
The actual non-thermal biological hazards of REMP induced especially by modern telecommunications, whose exposure is cumulative with that of other electrical equipment, are simply hidden in official reports; the considerable development of civilization diseases, the collapse of public health policy in the long term the potential risks are not even addressed.
Many independent scientific studies are indeed state increased permeabilization of the blood-brain barrier with micro-edema formation and tendency to meningitis (whose frequency is steadily since 15 years); the decrease of neuronal proliferation (school delay, learning disability); the decrease of IgG antibodies, the decrease in the secretion of cortisol, corticosterone and melatonin (which no longer exerts its anti-cancer actions beyond 2milliGauss = 2mG); the increased production of stress hormone (ACTH); of the cell micronucleus proliferation (premalignant stage), the activation of at least three important oncogenic DNA and the stress protein overproduction (HSP70) mechanisms involved in oxidative stress, genesis of cancers (whose frequency inevitably increases without improved prognosis), or the disturbing evolution of new diseases through genetic mutation (see accompanying scientific references).

II - There are effective protections, and others that are not

The lack of dissemination of information to the public about the REMP and protection, as well as the lack of legislation in this field, expose consumers to abusive practices of retailers that distribute protections ineffective or have not evidence of their effectiveness. The result of this deficiency and media this scientific blur is a serious failure of the institutions to their civil duty to protect and safeguard public health.

III - The consumer rights are violated

The legitimate right to information "clear, fair and appropriate" way violated the consumer. In turn, the insurance companies - clearly informed - added since January 1 2003er an explicit exclusion clause in their policies cover liability for "damages, or consequential damages resulting from the production by all devices or equipment, electric or magnetic fields or electromagnetic radiation ... "(the intensity of magnetic fields of these devices is between 2 and 20 000 mG mG, well beyond the current safety standards very high).
It is true that the EU directive of July 25 1985 on the right to consumption, on which relied on several occasions the French justice since May 2002 condemning manufacturers of vaccines and medicines, "states that a product is defective when it does not provide the safety that can legitimately be expected. " This is the case of computers, mobile phones, masts and all devices producing REMP thus all have at least a "hidden defect".
Paradoxically, the employer would be alone in having "an analysis of occupational hazards and working conditions for all positions including a display screen" and to "take all necessary measures to remedy the risks found "(see legal reference jointes1).
As noted strong precisely Albert Schweitzer, "the normal behavior of the human being is based on expectations, in order to anticipate and avoid possible risks of his actions." We must unfortunately recognize with him that "humanity today has lost the ability to predict and anticipate! In his mad recklessness, it will eventually destroy life on earth. "
It is therefore up to the European community and our leaders, properly informed, to control completely independently the safety of these consumer products, making them biocompatible with life on earth - that enable technologies whose effectiveness is scientifically proven and clinically - and failing to apply the precautionary principle. The state can not indefinitely hide behind irresponsibility as was unfortunately the case in France in the tainted blood scandal or that of growth hormone in particular.

IV - The object of the petition accompanying this open letter

From that day, none of the recipients of this Open Letter, may not claim that he was not "aware".
We therefore solemnly ask them to think in their conscience with incalculable consequences in the short, medium and long term that could lead inaction and lack of decision.
We demand that all means are implemented to minimize electromagnetic pollution and to develop standards to define the biocompatibility of sources of electromagnetic radiation.
Finally, we propose that be drafted and passed a law called "electromagnetic biocompatibility" based on the following items:

Article 1: All measures should be taken, whether scientific, technical or legal to protect public health risks associated with stray electromagnetic radiation (REMP) electrical and electronic equipment.
Article 2: A risk health warning should be attached to each unit and appear on all advertising. The debates on health should be updated information and be made available to the user.
Article 3: A new health standard should be developed to protect against non-thermal biological effects from exposure to electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields ranging from microwaves to extremely low frequencies.
Article 4: This electromagnetic biocompatibility standard should be based on the biological response of living organisms to a short exposure, medium and long term to the entire radiation spectrum of devices used by the public.
Article 5: Any technology declaring provide protection against EMC should be approved in accordance with this standard of electromagnetic biocompatibility.

"Forgetfulness, ignorance and contempt for human rights are the main causes
of public misfortunes and the corruption of governments. "
(Preamble of the Declaration of Human Rights in 1789)

If you agree with the content of this letter, pass it on with his petition.

Dr. Alain Rose-Rosette and Dr. Marc Vercoutère, Master of Public Health (Illinois University)

To receive scientific references and the petition:
CRI-LIFE: Research coordination and health information
3bis Henry Pheasants Street. 64 000 Pau
Tel: 05 59 02 73 20. Mobile: 06 61 55 34 73. E-mail: life-cry @ wanadoo.fr

For more information:

Jean Pierre Lentin
339 pages (3 September 2001) Albin Michel

Mobile phones, computers, microwaves, electricity, magnetism, what are the dangers to our health? But what are the possible therapeutic effects of electro-magnetic waves used beneficially?

econology of comments
This is the book to have to answer questions regarding the electromagnetic polution. It is remarkable the small square dedicated to mobile phones and discover the therapeutic effects (works Priore for example) that could upset the monopoly of the drug Biochemistry and any side effects that we know.


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