Air pollution decreases 8 half months life expectancy of Europeans.

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According to the World Health Organization, particulate emissions in the atmophere were cut 8 half months life expectancy in Europe. The cost of medical care for people sick because of these particles is very High.

These particles suspended in air, consisted mainly of sulfate, nitrate, ammonium, sodium chloride, carbon, inorganic material and water. The finest of these are the most dangerous because they can penetrate deep into the lungs. It is formed by the combustion of a share of diesel or gasoline in automobile engines and also from the burning of coal, lignite and biomass in power plants producing electricity. The traffic itself, the erosion of roads and the abrasion of tires and brakes also helps these harmful emissions.

It is really urgent to finally implement a responsible transport policy and leave the company of any motor - OD


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