firewood stoves, charcoal or briquettes

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The logs stoves or wood briquettes

See other types of wood stoves

These are the type of individual heating devices: fireplaces (open fires), inserts (sealed burners), wood stoves and mass stoves.

They can burn logs but also of compressed wood briquettes. Read the article on types of firewood to learn more about the briquettes. These heaters can also burn paper, cardboard, green waste (so dry ..) ... Fuel quality is critical (dry) to ensure proper heating, low maintenance (sweeping) and yield always optimum combustion.

The heat from burning wood is transmitted to the room by radiation and / or convection of the surrounding air (except in the case of open fireplaces and fires). There is always a bit of both types of heat transmission but some models strongly favor one or the other.

Their performance ranges from 15% (open fire) to 85% (mass stove). The average yield of the wood stove on the market currently is to 75%.

Choose a "green flame" model, which improves combustion and thus pollution and performance.

green flame logo
logo label "Green Flame" granted to timber vessels that provide a good combustion quality
- A chimney is an open fireplace (open fire). It is very pleasant to look at and gives a "seal" to the room which has it but the efficiency of heating of the chimneys is very low: less than 20% (if the flue evacuation of the smokes does not have a recuperator hot air). The exhaust duct can also be a terrible thermal bridge and source of air leaks! Price: difficult to estimate because included in the house. Having a 2010 "customized" fireplace in an existing dwelling will probably cost 20 000 € (demand and supply are very low).

- an insert is a combustion fire very close to those of the "stoves" which is inserted (hence its name) into a chimney to improve its mediocre original performance. The performance of a chimney with a well installed insert can be multiplied by more than 3 (from minus 20 to more than 60%). Especially if the insert has a recuperator of calories on the evacuation of the fumes. Price not set: between 500 and 3000 € according to the materials and performance of the insert.

- A wood stove is a closed fireplace that heats the walls and air surrounding it. On the current market, the forms and performances are very varied. There are "1er price" (200 €), 1000-2000 €, 10-000 € models, and high-end design models (such as a "Pyramid" model) with evacuation of fumes under the floor ... costing 1 2000 € without the installation). The best price / quality compromise lies in cast iron pans between 150 and 200 €, the mass of which is still between XNUMX and XNUMX kg.

- A masonry heater is an "improved" wood stove, it is a "big" wood stove. Its mass is much larger (between 500 and 2000 kg) and its load capacity is much higher. Its materials gradually accumulate heat during the combustion of the wood and then restore it to the room by radiation. A mass stove is made to measure and is not movable. It is usually the main heating of a house. We are used to say that a house is built "around" its mass stove.

Illustrations and examples

fireplace deville
Deville fireplace insert range Regain, Curve model. integrated ventilation (mechanical optional), modern design. > 70% yield, and 9kW 1100 €.
woodstove supra vosges
A good small wood stove while melting Supra 8kW Vosges. 72% yield, green flame for about € 600.

wood stove Godin Mihot
A wood stove Design "luxury" GODIN Mihot 12kW to 5500 €.

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