Climate plan: ADEME credits partially frozen

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The Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), responsible for the implementation of the Climate Action Plan to combat global warming, will see 20% of its 2005 investment credits frozen by Bercy. Ademe has few own resources. Its budget is financed by its three ministries, Ecology (70% of the total budget), Industry and Research. 56,5 million euros on 202 millions of investment credits (program authorizations, budget jargon), made available to Ademe by the Ministry of Ecology, will be frozen, according to these sources. Those coming from the Ministry of Industry (35,5 million) are also likely to bear the costs of the ongoing "budgetary regulation".

As against the appropriations of the Ministry of Research (€ 14,9 million), plus 40 million granted to ADEME under Plan clean vehicles will not be affected. In total, the public institution will not have to 2005 only about 235 million, against 292,4 million provided earlier this year to launch new multiannual programs to promote energy saving and renewable energy and recycling of waste.

Last year, ADEME initially disposed euros 253 million for its investments before a cancellation of 74 million during the year. The payment appropriations to finance the investment programs initiated in previous years, also face fiscal austerity. 70 million should miss this year ADEME to honor its commitments from the beginning of the decade.


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