GM and dioxins: The World According to Monsanto. A shocking documentary tonight on Arte Thema

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Documentary by Marie-Monique Robin
(France, 2007, 1h48mn)

Co-production: ARTE France, Image et Compagnie, Thalia Productions, National Film Board of Canada, WDR

"I have never seen a company that has as much influence and influence over regulatory authorities as Monsanto with its GMOs. " (Essayist Jeremy Rifkin)

Monsanto, an 1901-based US multinational in St. Louis, Missouri, first specialized in the chemical industry, has become in just over a century the world leader in biotechnology, particularly in the organism market. genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It holds the patents of 90% of corn, soybean, rapeseed, or transgenic cotton grown around the world. Through successive purchases, it is becoming the first seed of the planet and ultimately, it is the entire food chain that it could control. But it was first with the Round Up, her "total" herbicide (long stamped "biodegradable") that she began, from 1974, to conquer the world. He is also responsible for products as varied as the terrible Agent Orange, massively dumped on Vietnam by the US military, PCBs (pyralene in France, banned in the early 80 years), aspartame or growth hormones (banned in Europe and Canada). Monsanto, warns Marie-Monique Robin, is one of the "most controversial companies of the industrial era".

"Food, health, hope": on its site, the firm of Saint-Louis promises a sustainable agriculture, with higher yields, respectful of the environment. A seasoned investigative journalist, crowned with the Albert London Award in 1995, the director has decided to judge on paper, including exploring the company's past. Her first stop is in Anniston, Alabama, where 40% of the population, mostly black, suffers from cancer. In 2002, Monsanto has been sentenced by the courts to pay him 700 million for having concealed for decades the dangerousness of PCBs ...

guinea Pigs

Relentlessly, Anniston to Paraguay through India, Britain or Mexico, Marie-Monique Robin collection also alarming facts qu'irréfutables and dismantled point by point the speech of Monsanto. It demonstrates that in the GMO issue, the US and European regulations have been directly influenced without valid scientific validation by allies of the firm placed at key positions within an administration anything but independent. It outlines the stunning methods used by the multinational to discredit his opponents, but also intimidate farmers at home.

Finally, it reveals the catastrophe that is germinating in Monsanto's hegemonic plans for the seeds of the world, whose Indian or Paraguayan farmers are now suffering the consequences. "We should not use citizens like guinea pigs. For expressing his concerns about GMOs on a BBC set, the biologist Arpad Pusztaï was fired overnight.

A few years later, The World According to Monsanto gives a global scale to this warning.

"The world according to Monsanto, from dioxin to GMOs, a multinational that wants you well" a film by Marie-Monique Robin.

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