Civil Nuclear weapons: the United States

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Last year, the US Senate voted measures to revive civilian nuclear power in the country, including the development of new power plants. This initiative is taking shape today with the announcement of the efforts made by the Exelon, Entergy and Dominion Ressources consortiums with the Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NRC) to establish new production units. To justify these installation projects, which could end by 2010, the promoters put forward economic arguments. The current 103 plants, spread over 65 sites, are not enough to supply a growing demand for electricity and nuclear power is a solution of choice to reduce energy dependence on oil.

Opponents of extending the use of the atom point in turn the threats of terrorism, each reactor constituting a potential target, as well as problems related to the processing and storage of waste, still unanswered. The issue of cost in the cost of construction programs is also perceived differently on both sides. If manufacturers expect a surenchérissement energy in the future that will make nuclear power increasingly profitable, the environmental movement believe that investment in renewable energy (wind and solar) could equally meet the needs of the country . It is true that the studies and work necessary for the development of nuclear energy are expensive and only government financial guarantees have so far helped lead to end the realization of such projects.

Source: USAT 26 / 09 / 04 (Nuclear power slides back onto the agenda)


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