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The former poll is closed after ... 1000 votes.

Here are the results :

19 Survey - We are thinking about creating an "econology" association. Would you join this one? If so, what is the amount of annual dues you think is right?

Yes, less than € 15 38.2% (382 votes)

Yes, between 15 and 50 € 30.5% (305 votes)

Yes, between 50 and 100 € 3.8% (38 votes)

Yes, more than € 100 5.7% (57 votes)

No, it does not interest me 10.9% (109 votes)

No I do not want to be stuck! 10.9% (109 votes)

Total votes: 1000 votes.

These results are very promising for the future, as promised econologic Association vera born in 2006 but where and with whom it is still a mystery ...

The new survey invites you to tell us what you think of a new version of KyotHome which is under development.

Thank you for your participation.


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