Pantone engine in UTC

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TX Report: Testing the PMC Pantone reactor on a Citroën 2CV type of engine.

Directed at Compiegne University of Technology by Julien LEFEBVRE and Marc NGUYEN


The news of recent months has shown a strengthening needs alternative energy. Indeed barrel of oil is not negotiating more below 60 dollars in the stock market. In addition, the February 16 2005 entered into force the Kyoto Protocol.

Within the framework set by the agreement, the European Union has committed to reduce its emissions of greenhouse 8% of greenhouse gases.

Transportation take a major part in emissions of greenhouse gases. It therefore appears urgently necessary to make significant progress on the release of exhaust pipes of our cars.

It is in this context between the Pantone process, to reduce consumption and emissions of a conventional internal combustion engine.

This simple process using the exhaust heat and the water is still poorly understood and little reliable documentation is available about her.

We therefore proposed to produce a reactor on a Pantone 2CV engine to test the operation of this device. This work took place under a UV TX has been fully realized TN04 workshop. This report presents the project, its implementation and results.


This UV TX has achieved its goal of successfully operate the engine with the Pantone reactor. We have seen that this device seems to be an interesting way to study pollution of the engines with water. Many unknowns remain still and many studies are still needed to explain and operate the reactor PMC Pantone.

The six months we spent to carry out this work was an opportunity to mobilize our scientific knowledge and our technical capabilities to conduct
a reflection on the ability to drive more cleanly consuming less.

We look ahead to continuing our work on water pollution control processes outside the educational setting, with new achievements made in the privacy or possibly associative.

We also believe it would be very interesting to propose to other UTC students to reconvene for the lead further.

Download of the study motor pantone Compiegne University of Technology


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