I met Paul Pantone

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The meeting with Mr Pantone (February 2002)

Mid-January 2002 or 3 months after getting my engineering degree, I decided to go meet Mr Pantone USA. This decision was not made overnight. In fact I had already exchanged a few emails with Paul who invited me to go see him during a "period" extended 3 weeks to see all the details possible future collaboration.

So décollais the 4 or 5 February 2002 777 from Boeing in Paris to Salt Lake City 12h then 3 flight hours since the trip included a stop in Houston. I write this because it was my baptism of air and flight 12h for baptism rollover ice is quite impressive. So after more travel 28h (all inclusive) so we arrived in Preston, a town in full Rockies 200 km north of Salt Lake City. The weather was rather chilly: 50 cm of snow and -20 ° C.

I say "we" because I'm not one party: Michel Saint Georges, a Belgian engineer doctor, quebecoise original with me: he has written some interesting thoughts on Quanthomme, click here .

So much for the scenery, go to the actors: the next appointment with Paul for the week of "training". Serendipity, we were speaking 4: a nicois, Olivier, and another quebecois I forget the name but "training" was obviously taught in US (country with strong accents seen the location). The information contained in this "training" are, unfortunately, pure speculation without any basis or even scientific evidence. And when I asked at the beginning of our meeting, scientific surveys, Paul was not able, despite its promises, to provide me 2 weeks later (it involved surveys of the University of Berlin)
"Stay open minded" (stay open minded) was the standard phrase of Paul but there is a difference between being open minded and naive to accept unfounded theories...

Regarding negotiations we tried to have, know that there is a very large gap between the content of Paul's website (supposedly altruistic) and man (very capitalist) than interested in sale of "licenses" ... It is décallage probably wanted to attract the "prey" easy.

Short week after 3 divided as follows: 1 training week (the week at $ 1500) and 2 weeks of "tinkering" and various negotiations I was rather extremely disappointed that meeting, especially since I had "invested" in this meeting all the meager savings that a student can have.

Finalement nous n’avons rien appris au niveau technologique et mon étude était la chose la plus scientifique qui existe à propos du procédé Pantone et je rentrais en France bien dégouté si ce n’est déprimée…mais la suite allait encore enfoncer le clou ! Seule chose positive : Michel et moi n’avons pas eu à payer la semaine de formation (3000 $­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ d’economisés c’est deja ca surtout pour « du vent »!), ce qui n’était évidement pas le cas des 2 autres stagiaires, et, pour la petite histoire, Paul Pantone nous a également payé la premiere semaine d’hotel .

Obviously I said that Michel thought exactly the same thing: there is nothing to expect from Pantone ...

The phase of job search (March 2002 - 2003 December)

As there was nothing to expect from Pantone neither technologically nor professionnaly, I decided to actively seek employment ... if possible in the field of energy ... but if the inventor is dishonest, I thought (and still think) the potential of the process that I did not give up.

While seeking a job as an engineer so I continued to try to develop the procedure with the resources, very limited, I had. The most successful experience was that of the ZX (ZX-TD Pantone) Olivier (ûn other than the USA) and I renviendrai on this experience later. I would like to briefly return to this period of job search which was quite painful. Especially during the interviews that I could win: it made me understand well that an engineer should not have environmental convictions: "An ecologist mechanical engineer? It should not exist! "Here is the classic answer to which I faced when not chariait me about color, green, my shirt ...The corollary is that an engineer must necessarily develop pollutants and despise the environment ? Anyway most HR or engineers in front of me did not understand, or pretending not to understand, the concept board reforming (the core technology of Pantone process). In these circumstances, I passed for a visionary and it was difficult to undertake a professional relationship together ...

But we must also say that HR can also be felt my desire to process development, this could affect my good integration in the company. Anyway this time of job search was very difficult, morally and financially.

It is very difficult to get entrendre in the field of energy. Ambient sceptiscisme, intellectual laziness (the typical "if it worked AC is not") and the scientific dogmatism are omnipresent. And it would be dishonest to attribute all failures of some innovations to pressure groups, it is clear that some corporations defend themselves, sometimes vigorously, their gains.

Concurrently, I was doing some public speaking, especially on Ecobio fairs or shows, but I saw quickly that it would take years at this rate the. In March 2002, I also did a radio show (on free radio "Here and Now" Icietmaintenant.com ) In Paris Jean Pierre LentinScience journalist.

2002 end, I decided to put an end, at least temporarily for time and expenses incurred were too great, and create a website talking about my research. Indeed; it was the only available means of distribution that I had at my disposal: the idea of ​​econology was born.

The birth of econologie.com (December 2002 -?)

This is my meeting in December 2002 Ferrone Gabriel de la Selva, ecologist of 1970 years alongside René Dumont, which accelerated the creation of the site. Indeed; President of SEA association, Ecology Energy Survival, Gabriel had tons of documents on its shelves. This was very a shame because many of these documents were very interesting: so I proposed to her graceful creation of a website to disseminate this information.

After a week of work, the site was about Econologie.com early March 2003 web.

Unfortunately the difficulties of communication with Gabriel (77 years) resulted in the almost complete separation between SEA and the site in July 2004 at the transition to 2 release.

Only a few texts and documents in SEAs remain on the site but I do not do the promotion of this association, which, it must be said, is mourrante: she actively campaigned during 80 years but had lost most of its members currently ( most deaths by age), it no longer has the clout to its ambitions ...

However this collaboration with Gabriel was especially rewarding and has allowed the creation of this site ...

The goals of the site are explained more clearly on this page: Why the site Econologie.com?


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