Pantone engine: a C15 doped water to the City of Vitry-sur-Orne

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The 31 was organized last May a press conference by the Mayor of Vitry-sur-Orne about water doping via a Pantone reactor.

Indeed, the Mayor, Mr. Luc Corradi (also General Councilor), seeing that the "official" solutions to reduce vehicle pollution are either inexistent or overpriced, has decided to equip one of their communal vehicle with a water doping.

This beautiful transformation (the most beautiful of all realized doping) was made by Alexandre Gregoire Association Cornerstone. It is based on a steam generator whose initial idea was developed by Michel (aka Camel1) which here Site.

Christophe Martz, webmaster, was cordially invited to participate in the preparation and development of this conference in order to discuss the different ways the process of explanation.

The results are final (for those who are blocking the development of water doping)

- 36% less consumption either 8,25 5,28 to L / 100 km
- More than 82% of black smoke less (opacity test)

All this for less than € 750 (while it is a prototype) ... It compares the costs of development of the particulate filter and high pressure diesel injection. Furthermore, there is no evidence that water doping would not be equally effective modern engines...

The different feedback from the Press and Media will be presented as and when they are published or published, here's a few.

We would like to congratulate Mr Luc Corradi, Mayor of Vitry-sur-Orne, for its environmental policy and its commitment to doping with water, and the various people who have helped organize this conference (Aurélie Alexander , Jerome ...) hoping that this decision be initiator of ideas for Town halls and other Vitry-sur-Orne to become the Pantone what Villeuneuve Common Community of Lot for pure vegetable oils!

Again, congratulations to all!

More details

- Video FR3 Lorraine presenting C15 with water injection
- Download the Official Press Release
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- Final press review with excerpts Press clippings


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